Minimum 420 Drops

Hy-Opti Range

Hy-Opti is designed to treat dry eye1,2. It comes in a larger than usual 12 ml pack, contains sodium hyaluronate and comes in two dosages – 0.1% & 0.2%.1,2

Each 12 ml pack provides a minimum 420 drops, more than any other competitor product, making it the most cost effective.*

The Hy-Opti range is preservative-free and has a 180-day shelf life once opened.1,2 Preservatives in eye drops can cause stinging when applied and can potentially cause damage to the cornea.4

Studies show that patients are more likely to keep using their treatment when they can avoid the side effects caused by preservatives.5

Hy-Opti is also phosphate free.1,2 Phosphate buffers are used in some eye drops, but can contribute to calcification or cloudy patches on the cornea.6 Being phosphate free reduces the risk of this calcification.7

* making it the most cost effective refers to Hy-Opti supplied on a prescription basis.

Why sodium hyaluronate?  Unique 3K bottle system

Why sodium hyaluronate?

Use of sodium hyaluronate is well-established in ophthalmology.8
As an active ingredient in treatment, sodium hyaluronate greatly reduces the symptoms of Dry Eye, by:8
Hydrating and refreshing dry, dehydrated and tired eyes
Soothing symptoms and providing comfort
Stablising tear film
Reducing friction during blinking
Acting as a barrier to prevent harmful substances binding to the eye
Lubricating the corneal endothelium, which is responsible for keeping the cornea hydrated.
Unique 3K bottle system

Unique 3K bottle system

Hy-Opti comes in a metered dose pump system3, designed to ensure a consistent dose of medication.9

This unique and easy to use eye drop bottle has three-way microbiologic protection, to maintain sterility3 and also features a comfort grip, which makes it convenient and comfortable to use.3

The Hy-Opti bottle also allows controlled delivery of the solution as individual drops, directly to the eye3 without the need for excessive force, minimising waste.3

Hy-Opti bottles
Does not contain: chlorhexidine, thimerosal, benzalkonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, parabens and any component from animal origin.1,2


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